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Dr. Jemelleh Coes

2014 GA Teacher of the Year

"With practical and readily applicable classroom strategies, Jed and Julie invite us into the wonderful world of play through laughter and creativity! I laughed a lot and learned even more. From early learning through secondary education, all educators can find golden nuggets throughout this text!"

Dr. Anthony DeBenedet

author, Playful Intelligence

β€œIt has been said that teachers affect eternity, having no idea where exactly their influence stops. If you are a teacher or a parent or simply a human being, read The Playful Classroom, and watch your influence, not only with the children around you, but with the adults, too, ripple toward eternity. Prepare to be inspired!”

Matt Miller

author, Ditch That Textbook

Playful learning isn't a reward. It's required! If you want deep, satisfied, inquisitive learning, the ideas inside The Playful Classroom will inspire and equip you.

Dyane Smokorowski

2019 National Teacher Hall of Fame Inductee

Jed Dearybury and Julie Jones take readers on a fun, engaging, and creative journey into the pedagogy of play! This must-read resource is perfect for all ages of learners and provides a wealth of ideas teachers can turn key straight away. Fantastic!”

Mike Soskil

Top 10 finalist for the Global Teacher Prize, 2017

"Fittingly, The Playful Classroom finds ways to help teachers elevate learning and boost engagement, while also creating a sense of joy and whimsy for readers. Dearybury and Jones provide educators with the practical strategies and excellent examples they need to infuse the critical element of play into any classroom."

Ann Marie Taylor

2008 SC Teacher of the Year

The Playful Classroom is essential for every educator.  During a time where education reform is a MUST, this book helps educators place value back to the relationship between the student and the educator as well as being creative and flexible throughout the learning process. I have gifted all my teachers with this FABULOUS book!